Sunday, 27 April 2014

2 weeks to go till Ceramics at the Mill 2014

It's all very exciting here we have our banners up and fliers distributed and hopefully you have the dates in the diary 

Ceramics at the Mill
May 9th 6.30-8.30pm for the preview 
and Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. 

So we thought we would feature some of lovely exhibitors and ask them a few questions about how they feel about being returning/first time exhibitors to Ceramics at the Mill.

Our first interview is with the lovely Lesley Anne Greene

What are you looking forward to most about the up and coming Ceramics at the Mill?

Apart from exhibiting, promoting and selling my work. I am looking forward to meeting up with previous and new customers as well as catching up with friends, fellow exhibitors and the other artists at Higherford Mill. Its nice to get out !

What inspires you to create your work? 

The desire to express what I have observed in the animal kingdom both domestic and from further afield and the pleasure in creating forms and characters which have evolved within my imagination nurtured by an interest in museum artifacts, myths and legends. I like to display a sense of fun in my work its great when it raises a smile.

Describe your process and why you use clay? 

I often use my own photographs  taken on site of my subjects but also research on the Internet for background info and mythology.

I sometimes draw in pencil / charcoal/ chalk pastels  ( I love to get my fingers dirty !)
The feel and plastic nature of the material excites and stimulates me to quickly draw/model my forms. I use traditional handbuilding methods and model each piece individually modelled so that I can spontaneously create individual expressions and posture.

After several decades of working in clay its still exciting /nerve wracking to see how things turn out from the firing.  

Are you launching any new products or lines at the show?

I will be bringing along my elephants decorated with my own mehndi (henna tattoo) designs which are new to Higherford Mill this year. (see first Image above)

Anything exciting or different happening this year you can share? 

We hope to sell our house this year and once moved I will  be setting up a new workshop which I am sure will provide new challenges and stimulate new work.

Anything you would like to add? 

I will be showing 3 new ceramic pieces at Holmfirth Art Week  
main exhibition in July 20th - 26th  10p.m. - 5p.m.

and I will be exhibiting at Potfest in the Pens Penrith August 1st - 3rd 

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